Sports Injuries

Acute Injuries:

It is always advisable to seek treatment following an injury as soon as possible. Early treatment can mean a quick recovery and less time off your sporting activity. In acute stages of an injury Physiotherapy Assessment is aimed at getting an accurate diagnosis so that your injury can be targeted, and managed appropriately.


Physiotherapy treatments applied to the injury can help to facilitate healing. Advice on specific graded exercises and return to your sport needs to be tailored to your specific condition and circumstances and can help to reduce the risk of further problems.

Chronic or Recurrent Injuries

Chronic and recurrent injuries can be treated. Delayed healing and recurrent injuries may be occurring secondary to the way you are moving, poor technique or inappropriate training.


Muscle imbalance where certain muscles are tight or overactive and other muscles are weak or under active and abnormal movement patterning may contribute to poor and inefficient technique in your sport. Analysis of your movement, strength and flexibilty may highlight issues that are contributing to your long-term or recurrent problems. Treatment techniques and specific tailored progressive exercises programs can be used to address any issues found.

Most rehabilitation programs will go through an acute stage immediatly after injury, a middle or rehabilitation stage where the aim is to regain normal movement and strength and finally a functional or sports specific rehabilitation phase where exercises are more specific to your activity.