Virtual First Appointment (Video/Telephone) - £45


Virtual Follow-up Appointment (Video/Telephone) - £45


Face to Face Appointments - £45

Terms & Conditions

Cancelation Policy:

Appointments not attended without 24 hours notice of cancelation may be charged for.



Payment is by cash or cheque, we do not accept card payments. Self paying patients are expected to pay after each appointment.



If you have private medical insurance you may be able to reclaim the costs of your physiotherapy treatment. It is your responsibilty to check the terms and conditions of your policy before you attend for treatment, and to obtain authorization from your insurance company.


Please be aware of any excesses or percentage contributions, which may apply to your policy. Some companies ask their member to pay the costs initially and then reimburse you. If so, please ask for an itemizesd receipt at the end of your course of treatment.


Please provide us with details of your Insurer, Policy number and Authorization/Claim number at your first attendance.


You are responsible for paying any costs that are not covered by your insurance policy.


Payment by the Third Party:

If a third party has agreed to pay for your treatment we will require written confirmation that they agree to our terms and condidtions of business, before you commence treatment. Please ask the third party to contact us directly so that we can forward them a copy. Any outstanding balance that the third party does not pay is the liaility of the paatient. Ultimatley, our service contract is between the person receiving the treatment and us, regardless of any offers/agreements made by third parties.


Other Information: 


A consenting adult must accompany children under 16 years of age.