Injection Therapy

Why might I be offered an injection?


Coricosteroid Injections Therapy is used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.


It will be recommended when it offers a good chance of improving your problem or when there are no suitable alternatives.


Local anaesthetic temporarily numbs the area. It is mixed with steroid to help distribute the steroid in the required area and to provide comfort in some injections.


The corticosteroid takes up to 4 weeks to work and may take this long to see any effect.


What is required if you need injection Therapy

Following an assessment if it is decided that an injection would be beneficial Jayne is required to liase with your Doctor to discuss the management plan, and for your Doctor to agree to write presciption for the drugs to be injection. You will be required to collect the drugs from the pharmacy to bring with you to your appointment.  A subsequent appointment is required to review the effects of the injection and to provide any additional physiotherapy or advice.